[2014] - Perceptible, La Biennale di Venezia,


studio INTEGRATE (Mehran Gharleghi) in collaboration with Ivana Wingham exhibited Perceptible at the Symposium: Colour and Line, at the Arsanale in Venice. Team: Irina Dashkovsky, Omar Ibraz, Tom Scopes.

[2014] - Interview with Genni Mark,


studio INTEGRATE (Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghi) was interviewed by Genni Mark from Crane Tv featuring GeMo, the series of 500 3D printed vses.

[2014] -studio INTEGRATE featured in the WIRED November Edition


WIRED Magazine featured an research article on the Architecture of Iran: assimilating the past for the potential future.

[2014] - Interview with FormLabs,


studio INTEGRATE (Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghi) was interviewed by FormLabs - creators of the Form1 3D printers

[2014] -  Interview with BBC Click,


studio INTEGRATE (Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghi) was featured on BBC Click Tech show in October.

[2014] -  studioINTEGRATE nominated for Artist of The Year,


studio INTEGRATE (Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghi) were nominated for the "Artist of the Year" at the 3D printshow in London for GeMo: the series of 3D printed vases.

[2014] -  Talk for Suprebrands,

Mehran Gharleghi was invited to talk at the Design Exchange seminar series "Super Talks".  His talk explored the use of digital fabrication in his design process and delved into the evolution of the technology and its integral role as tool for designers and artists.

[2014] -  studioINTEGRATE at 100% Design


studio INTEGRATE at the UK's Emerging Brand Section, were we exhibited the FLUX Table, deFuse Light and the GeMo Vases.

[2014] -  A'Design Award,


studio INTEGRATE (Mehran Gharleghi) received the award trophy and Certificate of Excellence for Design of FLUX Table - August 2014 - Lake Como

[2014] -  Mobility of the Line Exhibition, University of Brighton


studioINTEGRATE and Ivana Wingham collaborated to create an art exhibit for the Mobility of the Line Exhibition and book launch at the University of Brighton

[2013] -  studiINTEGRATE in Hamshahri Architectural magazine, Iran


an exclusive interview with Mehran Gharleghi about architectural education in Iran

[2013] - Flux table has been awarded a gold medal in 2014 A DESIGN AWARD


Golden A' Design Award Winner for Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category in 2013

[2013] - System-City, Architectural Design (AD) Guest-edited by Michael Weinstock and Mehran Gharleghi


Contributors include: Joan Busquets, Kate Davies and Liam Young, Mehran Gharleghi, Evan Greenberg and George Jeronimidis, Marina Lathouri, Wolf Mangelsdorf, Daniel Segraves, Jack Self, Ricard Solé and Sergi Valverde, and Iain Stewart.

[2013] - Mehran gharleghi Presented in Iran society organization in London


Wednesday 21 November 2012

Architecture of Iran: assimilating the past for the potential future


AD primers


studio INTEGRATe has been published and showcased in AD Primers Performance-Oriented Architecture.


This book offers an innovative and highly practical approach to architectural design. Focusing on the concept of performance that brought about a paradigm shift in the humanities in earlier decades, the book discusses how to use this concept to address ongoing problems in architecture. It explores the meaning of performance in the context of the built environment, design processes, sustainable architecture, spatial organization, and other aspects of design. Featuring numerous color illustrations plus historical and contemporary examples, this is an eye–opening resource for architects and urban designers.

AD Iran: Past,Present and Future Opening day.


The Iran Heritage Foundation, John Wiley & Sons and studio INTEGRATE invite you to:


The launch of Iran: Past, Present and Future, Architectural Design (AD)

Guest-edited by Michael Hensel and Mehran Gharleghi


Speakers include:

Guest-editor Mehran Gharleghi and Salman Craig of Foster+Partners on historic architecture

Nasrine Faghih and Amin Sadeghy on the Persian garden

Homa Farjadi: a view from outside Iran

Pouya Khazaeli Pars: a view from inside Iran

AD Iran Lunch:

Mehran Gharleghi has been assigned as studio tutor in Emergent Technologies and Design Programms in The Architectural Association School of architecture since Sep 2011.

Michael hensel and Mehran Gharleghi are guest editing the special issue of AD, entittled ' AD Iran: Past,Present and Future.


Fascination with the history of the region now known as Iran has always been broad and strong, but an attempt to draw potentials and future perspectives from this fascinating history is either not in existence or not broadly known. In Iran the regional response in architecture presents itself with context-specific diversity. This has been expressed strongly in historical, vernacular examples. In this case, architectural typology becomes a product of a synergetic relation with its context, including environmental, topographical and social conditions.

Publication due: April 2012

Nasrine Faghih and Amin Sadeghy are publishing their research on Persian Garden for the special issue of AD, entittled ' AD Iran: Past,Present and Future. Publication due: April 2012

Inverscape will be on the spotlight on the FRAME magazine on May 20


nverscape is an installation, taking place in the café’/gallery ‘Tina We Salute you’ in North London. It is a draping fabric ceiling in which Gravity plays a signifant role to shape the overall morphology. Gravity is the most crucial element in Inverscape,’ explain architects Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghi of Studio Integrate. ‘The design process comprises a dynamic feedback loop between digital and physical modes of experimentation....more



Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy have been invited by Nathaniel Kolbe to the London Metropolitan University Diploma Jury



Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy invited by Nathaniel Kolbe to Review final projects in London Metropolitan university, school of architecture.

Amin Sadeghy and Mehran Gharleghi have been invited by Jeffrey Turko to the UEL Diploma Jury



Amin Sadeghy and Mehran Gharleghi have been invited to the FINAL JURY by Jeffrey Turko to help students finalize their thoughts and projects.


Shin Egashira, Rubens Azedevo, Mehran Gharleghi: Furnishing the Landscape: Maeda Twisting Concrete Workshop at Hooke Park



The Maeda Twisting Concrete Workshop will take place at Hooke Park and is open to AA students and members. Continuing from the previous session of building workshops experimenting with minimal surface fabric formworks, the Twisting Concrete Workshop will make further explorations on design application

[2011] March, Integrate Presented their works in the House of Architecture in Graz, Austria, The City of Design by UNESCO.

[2011] March, Integrate had a pneumatic workshop in Technical University of Graz.

[2011] February, Integrate published their design for "A room for London Competition" in Design boom in collaboration with RAW architecture workshop.




[2011] 28th of March, Integrate will have workshop and Lecture in Graz titled Performative Spaces:


We consider the human sense of beauty and comfort as the most imperative element that forms the space. This can be achieved by integrating aesthetics and performance.  We strive to achieve new qualitative and performative spaces via a careful examination of exterior and interior forces that effect the built environment.  These forces include site characteristics, micro- and macroclimatic situations, spatial criteria, material capacity and local techniques and resources. Employing new sophisticated design and analysis tools along with rigorous physical material studies allow us to synthesize design and performance, establishing new relationships with the built environment and ultimately leading to novel spatial experiences.

[2011] 19th of January, Final Jury Member Architectural Association, Emergent and Technologies (EmTech)Program Master of Architecture, MArch.


Amin Sadeghy and Mehran Gharleghi invited as a Final jury member for Emtech in The Architectural Association by Mike Wienstock.

[2010] Mehran Gharlegi and Amin Sadeghy receive a special mention in the seventh edition of Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture 2010


Mehran Gharlegi's and Amin Sadeghy's research project 'Adaptable Pneumatic Structures' received a special mention in the prestigous Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture 2010. The prize ceremony will take place on 30 June in Ferrara, Italy.



[2010] Mehran Gharleghi and Amin Sadeghy joind Performance Oriented design group.



[2010] Workshop Architectural Association, Intermediate Unit 8, Performance to Morphology

[2010] Book Launch 'Conversation with The Young Architect'


Mehran Gharleghi from Integrate and Nasrine Faghih, an Award winning architect, are launching their new publication entitled 'Conversation With the Young Architect '.


In 'Conversation With The Young Architect' , Nasrine Faghih and Mehran Gharleghi discuss the emergent role of young Iranian architects taking both contemporary and historical aspects of architecture into account through case studies and historical comparison analyses.

[2009] Jury Member Architectural Association, diploma unit12


Mehran Gharleghi has been invited as a jury member for diploma unit12 in The Architectural Association by Holger Kehne and Jeffry Turko.

[2009] Symposium Architectural Association, AA|FAB, Adaptive Pneumatics


Mehran Gharleghi & Amin Sadeghy presented 'Adaptive Pneumatics' in The Architectural Association. The symposium explored themes and issues raised by the awards and exhibition which took place on Friday, September 25 from 2 - 6 pm (see details below).

To Watch relative videos press on the links below:




[2009] Lecture University of Graz, Visit to London, Computation to Fabrication


Amin Sadeghy & Mehran Gharleghi presented Integrate's works and design disciplines in workshop that took place in London's office.

[2009] Lecture Acadia, 2009 Reform,Chicago, Adaptive Pneumatics


Mehran Gharleghi Presents 'Adaptive Pneus' in ACADIA09 ReForm() 'Association in Computer Aided Design in Architecture' on 22 October 2009.


To see relative online publications press on the links below:



[2009] Lecture Smart Geometry 2009, San-Francisco, Adaptive Pneumatics


Mehran Gharleghi Presented 'Adaptive Pneus' in smart geometry 09 on 31 March - Alumni Summits day.

To watch the lecture press on the link below:


To see relative online publications press on the links below: